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How to boost your confidence on the course

As Jack Nicklaus says, confidence is probably the most important factor in playing golf to your potential.

Something that all PGA Tour players have in common is confidence. They all have the same swagger and confident demeanor.

Some of this confidence comes from hitting A LOT of golf balls and winning tournaments, but much of it comes from within. But this can be practiced every time we play.

This guide will really help you hone that inner confidence and ensure low shooting scores!

The 7 habits of highly effective golfers

Most of us form habits unconsciously by doing something the same way for a few weeks or years.

Your current golf game (and your life for that matter) is effectively made up of a large collection of habits that you will be unaware of; some will be useful, some may be destructive, some you may question.

In this guide, we will offer you 7 great habits that can make you a highly effective golfer!

How to kick-start your golf fitness

In this guide we’ll break down the 4 components you need to build and maintain a good golf fitness regime.

Fitness has an array of benefits for your game – from coordination to endurance; you may be surprised the difference a good fitness regime can have on your game.

And as with anything, in order to progress you need a good solid foundation. So, whether you’re starting from scratch or already have a fitness regime – these fundamentals will help you build and maintain your golf fitness.

How to avoid golf’s mental hazards

This guide covers HOW TO avoid golf’s mental hazards on the course. To get more of our quick tips and game insights click here.

Written by the Ultimate Golf team, these guides offer you insightful, no-nonsense tips and advice you can put straight into action.

So, grab yourself a cup of tea, relax and get ready to shave points off your score! (You’ll be surprised how much you can learn in the space of a ‘cuppa’)

This guide will give you an insight into 4 common mental mistakes golfers make, and their quick fixes!

Drills – What are they, and which ones work best?

This guide covers Drills, what are they, and which ones work best.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Not even close. If it did, Vijay Singh or Ben Hogan – probably the two most diligent and industrious workers in the game’s history – would have shot 18 every round and won every tournament they ever entered. No matter how hard we work, we’ll never attain perfection. And frankly, who’d want to? Perfection would mean coming to the end of the journey, and golf is a journey we never want to end.