How to Kick-start your golf fitness

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Your body is the most important piece of equipment you bring to the course.


Think about it—you often use your entire body during a shot. And with 18 holes to play, you need to make sure your body is up to handling all that stress. If not, you’re not going to get the best out of yourself.


So, to make yourself the best player you can, get yourself involved in these fitness and health tips to take your game to the next level!


The guide includes:

4 really important, useful fitness and health hints and tips that can be adopted by anyone and can really help improve your game and ensure shooting lower scores.
It is well known that fitness in sports, in this case golf, can enhance your play. Below are a taster of the 4 areas we have chosen for you!

HYDRATION – Most people don’t drink enough water, but what you might not realize is that dehydration can have a negative impact on everything from your mental state to your physical capabilities.

DIET – Your diet should work alongside your hydration plan. In order to support your workout, your body needs a good source of nutrients, such as: … Well what are you waiting for, get in the guide and find out!

WALKING – Let’s face it, golf is a walking sport. So to make the most of your game, you need a good level of muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

POSTURE – The final (and arguably most important) component of your golf fitness is your posture. YOU need to find out how to improve your posture and your game.

We have 20,000+ people following our hints, tips and guides, all of which can help improve your game. These habits have really reflected on the improvement of my game! I used to turn up just before the start and now I’m there in good time and feel relaxed and prepared!

Niamh, Ultimate Golf

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