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As Jack Nicklaus says, confidence is probably the most important factor in playing golf to your potential.

Something that all PGA Tour players have in common is confidence. They all have the same swagger and confident demeanor.

Some of this confidence comes from hitting A LOT of golf balls and winning tournaments, but much of it comes from within. But this can be practiced every time we play.

This guide will really help you hone that inner confidence and ensure low shooting scores!

The Guides sections include:

This guide is packed with concrete, actionable advice that will enable you to improve your game. It will really give you a good understanding of how to improve your confidence on the course pushing for a better game, below are a few exciting points covered!

How a selective memory can mean no fear

Understanding how practice makes perfect

How visualizing can be effective

How nerves can impact your game

How to play the course and not others

Realising even professionals make mistakes

We have 20,000+ people following our hints, tips and guides, all of which can help improve your game. These tips have really improved my game, especially my driving which used to be my weakest skill. Now I have a more all round game!

Felix, Ultimate Golf