How to Avoid golf's mental hazards

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You can spend years practicing your swing or perfecting your putt only to have your mental game break around… something all players have experienced.

Unlike your physical game (which you can build up over time), your mental game is something you need to continuously work on. Even if you play the same course, at the same time, every weekend – your mental state is continually changing.
 So… have a read through this guide and get lowering those scores!

The guide includes:

4 really important, useful hints and tips that can be adopted by anyone and can really help improve your game and ensure shooting lower scores.
It is well known that your psyche in sports, in this case golf, can enhance your play. Below are a taster of the 4 areas we have chosen for you!

PARALYSIS BY ANALYSIS – As they gain experience, some players find themselves going from not thinking at all, to thinking too much. At this point, your mind starts to grind your body to a halt, and your performance on the course suffers.

TUNNEL VISION – Tunnel vision is when a player is so focused on a single mistake that they often forget other important elements of their game. A classic example of this is: A player struggling with their putter…

ACCEPTING THE STATUS QUO – When you become a creature of a habit on the course you can often become satisfied with the status quo. Accepting your limitations is a great shame – because the pursuit of improvement is one of the most exciting parts of the game.

SETTING NARROW GOALS – When you set narrow goals you focus all of your energy, both mental and physical on just one part of your game. Setting narrow goals often leaves you fixated on a single element of your game.

We have 20,000+ people following our hints, tips and guides, all of which can help improve your game. These mental tips have really reflected on the improvement of my game! 

Felix, Ultimate Golf

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