7 Habits Of Highly Effective Golfers

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Most of us form habits unconsciously by doing something the same way for a few weeks or years.

Your current golf game (and your life for that matter) is effectively made up of a large collection of habits that you will be unaware of; some will be useful, some may be destructive, some you may question.

In this guide, we will offer you 7 great habits that can make you a highly effective golfer!

The guide includes:

7 really important, useful #habits that can be adopted by anyone and can really help improve your game and ensure shooting lower scores. It is well known that particular habits in sports, in this case golf, can enhance your play. Below are a taster of the 7 #habits we have chosen for you!

The fifteenth club – Your mind is effectively the ‘15th club’ in your arsenal – and undoubtedly the most often used.

Get up to get down – “Drive for show – Putt for doh.” It’s an old chestnut of a cliche, but a very wise truism. The short game is your hardcore scoring game.

Projection – Being present and in the moment are critical factors in eliminating future based thoughts and past performance distractions. However you must also have scope in the moment.

Confidence – Fear is an irrational yet prevalent emotion on the golf course and it is one of the most destructive emotions that we must deal with effectively.

Be early, be clear – Being prepared is obvious – but it comes down to effective time management and the ability to plan effectively enough ‘you time’. Being late for the course game and others can be a habit in itself – a bad one!

Mindful self-talk – Effective golfers have mastered self talk – so much so that they don’t even engage in it. Long gone is the critical narrative in the head. For effective golfers there’s no conscious need.

True and steady – The power to resist and avoid moving into the elevated risk zone is a valuable discipline within golf. But managing the lure of taking what may seem like very small increases in risk has to be done with the knowledge that…

We have 20,000+ people following our hints, tips and guides, all of which can help improve your game. These habits have really reflected on the improvement of my game! I used to turn up just before the start and now I’m there in good time and feel relaxed and prepared!

Niamh, Ultimate Golf

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