Out Of The Fairway And Onto The Green

For most amateurs, it’s not uncommon that a tee shot finds you on the fairway. That makes a good fairway shot an important one to master. Following these steps (and some of our extra tips and tricks) you’ll be back on the green in no time!

Step 1 – Alignment

To make sure your alignment is correct, use two alignment rods (or clubs if you haven’t got any). Put one rod down to mark your target flight path and the other perpendicular to that, opposite the ball.

Step 2 – Footing

The club you choose will depend on your distance from the hole but in this case we’ll focus on a 3-5 wood shot. If you’re using a 3-5 wood, your forward foot should be an inch away and parallel to the perpendicular rod marker. Your weight should be distribution evenly.

[Tip: If you’re using a driver, your forward foot should be closer to the rod, with your foot’s heel touching it. For a seven iron shot the rod should be in the middle of your stance.]

Step 3 – Swing

Now you’re all lined up, getting the loft and distance you need for a typical fairway shot requires a shallow swing. To do this, loosen your hips and make sure your spine has a slight tilt, this will help keep your swing long and flat.

[Trick: Practice your swing plane by stepping away from your ball and swinging your club, letting go of it on the swing followthrough to see where it lands. If it’s hitting the ground in front of you then your swing is too steep and you need to shallow it out even more.]

Step 4 – Address

The most important thing to remember, if you’re hitting a 3-5 wood on the fairway, is to hit ever so slightly down on it. If you’re not hitting down on the ball, the club will work against you, so make sure you’re striking the ball on the bottom of the club’s arc.

Imagine you’re brushing the ball along the course, you should only be sweeping the top of the grass, not making great divots.

[Tip – A big factor in this shot is the mental game, so if you’re struggling, relax and practice a few times without the ball. Once you think you’ve got it, take that same relaxed composure back with you and give it another go.]

To perfect this kind of shot, what you need is practice, and lots of it! So head down to the local driving range and put these steps into use. It’s arguably the most handy shot to master so it’s definitely worth putting in the extra effort and getting it right.

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