5 Of The Best Golf Workouts For Every Type Of Golfer…

Whether you’re trying to put off injury, get more power in your swing or you’re already suffering from golfer’s elbow, these golf workouts will help keep you fighting-fit.

After all, even the best, most expensive or popular clubs in the world won’t make up for a lack of power or flexibility.

No matter if you’re 10 or 110, as long as you take it slow (and work within your limits), these are some of the best exercises you can do!

One for the… inflexible golfer

Get down on all fours and put your right hand behind your head. Keeping your back straight, slowly raise your right elbow to the ceiling, while maintaining visual contact with the tip of your elbow – you’ll need to rotate your neck slightly.

Once you’ve held this position for 3 seconds, twist your body inward, bringing the elbow of your right arm back across your body to touch your left arm’s elbow. Hold this for 3 seconds before repeating with your opposite side.

Do this 4 times on each side.

Why? This golf workout will help strengthen your core and shoulders. Having a strong upper body will mean you can achieve more driving distance in your swing by sticking the ball with more power.

One for the… lazy golfer

This one’s great because you can do it from the comfort of your seat.

Sit on a backless chair or bench. Hold your club behind your back using your arms, so it’s sitting in the angle of your elbows.

Place the palms of your hands flat on your stomach, making sure you maintain your posture with your back straight.

Now rotate your torso to one side, holding for 3 seconds and then returning to face forward. Then rotate to the opposite side, holding for another 3 seconds and then returning to face forward. This is one repetition. Repeat the exercise by doing eight repetitions .

Why? This will loosen and strengthen your hips so you’re able to hit the ball in the optimum position and with the most amount of swing speed, to carry your ball the extra distance. It also reduces the likelihood of any injury caused by twisting.

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One for the… office worker

If you’re sitting at a desk all day, you definitely need to give this one a go before hitting the course. It may look a bit strange but, trust us, your back and knees will thank you in the long run!

Lie flat on the floor with your back straight and a towel rolled up between your knees. Raise your knees so they’re pointing to the ceiling, making sure your legs are at a right angle. Now, raise your hips to the ceiling so only your shoulders and feet are still touching the floor.

Hold this position for 10 seconds before returning to the ground. Repeat this 8 times.

Why? This golf workout will help you loosen most of the muscles you’ll be using before a round of golf.

One for the… stiff-hipped golfer

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Using only your right leg, take a large step to the right, moving your weight with it.

Bend your right leg and extend your left so you are in a squatted position, keeping your toes pointed forward. Hold this position for 3 seconds before coming out of the squat position and bringing your body back to centre alignment and do the same on the other side.

Alternate between the left and right leg 12 times for one set. Perform the set 3 times.

Why? This golf workout will improve the flexibility of your hips. Good flexibility is the gateway to a better swing technique because you’re improving the amount of rotation and power you can achieve in the swing.

One for the… distance-seeking golfer

Stand in a golfing address position with your palms together and pointing to the ground. While keeping your left hand in that same position, lift your right hand away, opening up your chest so that your fingers point to the ceiling. Slowly bring your right palm back down to your left in a semicircular motion.

Then, do the same with your left hand, raising it to point the ceiling and bringing it back in semicircular motion.

Do this 8 times on each side.

Why? This will help strengthen your core and shoulders, which means you can achieve more explosive power through the trunk . Doing this will help increase your driving distances.

There’s a golf workout here for almost every type of golfer, however, if you’re struggling with something in particular, get in touch. We’d be glad to talk you through some exercises which are specific to improving your game!

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