Golf courses at altitude

Have you ever chosen the golf course you plan to play based on it’s altitude? Well you definitely should, training at altitude can really improve your game. For this reason, we are going to look at several high altitude golf courses from around the world, ranging from Asia to Europe.

Yak Golf Course

We start with the golf course which holds the Guiness World Record as the highest altitude course in the world. The Yak Golf Course is 3,970 meters at its highest point and it has held its record for over a decade. It was first established in 1972 and has had re-designs over the years to help it become an 18 hole course.

The golf course is based in Kupup, East Sikkim, India and it is reportedly “a challenging course featuring meandering fairways across mountain streams and teasing browns. The layout of the course coupled with the numerous rivulets that criss-cross the course add to the thrill of playing at this high altitude.”

The course is open all year round, but at that altitude snow is likely and the course is shut in adverse weather conditions.

Copper Creek Golf Club

This is America’s highest golf course and is at its highest point, 3,006 meters. It is located in Colorado, which many know as one of the world’s highest ski areas, yet also boasts this 18 hole, 69-par golf course.

The course is officially open for 4 months of the year, the start of June through to the end of September BUT many do play out of season (hopefully wrapping up warm).

Be careful when searching online for this course in Colorado (Copper Creek) as there are several with the same name in the North of America.

La Paz Golf Club

This golf course, based in Bolivia is classed as one of the highest, playable courses in the world. It is a proper 18-hole championship course. It has more than a century of golf history and stands at 3,342 meters.

Tignes Golf course

Tignes, located in the French alps and a prime ski resort in the Espace Killy during the winter boasts a gorgeous, scenic route. It has 18-holes and almost 4 miles of fairway with many obstacles along the way such as lakes, streams and gullies.

This golf course is open from June 24th – September 3rd, presumably because the snow is normally in the way until late May! It is located above 2,000 meters.

There are many more golf courses around the world, 9 and 18-holes, that all boast high altitude, beautiful scenery and obscure obstacles. Let us know if you have visited any high altitude courses in the comments below!

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