Can nutrition give you a competitive edge?

Did you know that by playing 18 holes, you walk an average of 5.5 miles? Surprising, right! Well it’s true. But if you decided to go on a 5.5 mile walk you wouldn’t go empty handed, you’d take a snack and something to drink to get you through.

Hydration is key when it comes to playing a round of golf, but we are going to be looking at how nutrition is equally as important to gain that edge against your opponents!

Here are 3 of our main tips for you:

Eating nutrient-dense foods

  • Aim to eat very nutritious foods, avoid fast foods and other processed foods. By doing this you are immediately reducing your calorie intake while increasing the nutrients in your diet. Look to eat those healthy carbs: vegetables, whole grains and potatoes. All of these allow for a slow release of energy from your body, to allow for energy for the entire 18 holes.

Eating natural proteins

  • Make sure you snack on natural proteins such as nuts; these offer really good slow bursts of energy and can really help you through those harder parts of the round where you need that little bit extra! Avoid the delicious but saltier nuts, these will only make you really thirsty! – A little hint from us, keep a couple of packs of nuts or seeds in the front of your bag for those key moments!

Consume healthy fats

  • Yes, there are healthy fats! We would recommend Omega-3 fatty acids (in moderation), these can be found in: Fatty fish (Mackerel, salmon, tuna), grass-fed beef, eggs and a selection of nuts and seeds. All of the above will help with your immune system and also help with hair, skin, brain and nervous system!

If you’re facing an 18-hole round, consider this food plan to get you through the day…

Before the round:

Look to have a good meal that is protein rich (eggs, meat, fish), pair this with healthy fats, these can include nuts, avocado and salmon. Also look to try and add some carbs similar to potatoes, grains or whole-grain breads).

Holes 1-6:

Try to consume something that will stabilize your energy levels, eating low carbohydrate foods (apples, pears, oranges). Try and pair with nuts, again not salty. All of these foods enable slow sugar release (being low in the glycemic index) which means more sustained energy levels.

Holes 7-12:

Have snacks that will sustain the energy levels you already have by mixing protein, low carbs and fats.

Holes 13-18:

Here, you’ll want that final spike of energy for concentration through to the final hole. Look at snacking on dried fruit or bread, this will give you the energy to ensure you make those great shots all the way to the end of the round.

After a round:

Aim to have a meal that was similar in protein, carbs and fats, this should help restore any energy lost throughout the day.

Try these top food tips to fuel your next game of golf and see if you can tell the difference. You might surprise yourself and end up being the most energetic player towards the end of the game, (when everyone else is tired) giving you that extra advantage to beat the competition.

Are there any you’d recommend from 2017? Let us know and we may feature your top picks in a future blog!

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