Lag putting – here’s how to improve

Many of us struggle with lag putts, including me.

A ‘lag putt’ is a long putt that a golfer doesn’t expect to make but hopes will get him/her closer to the hole. If it trickles in, amazing! But if it doesn’t, you hope that you are only left with a short, easy putt that you are unlikely to miss.

Avoiding 3-putts is key to shooting low scores and a strong lag putt should mean getting a good second putt position.

So, how can you improve your lag putts? Is it simply luck or can you improve through practice?

Well, it’s actually an element of both, of course you’ll need luck, but practice makes perfect and our new guide—How To Boost Your Confidence On The Course—will put the practice vs. luck argument into perspective.

So, if luck isn’t on your side, and you’ve gotta rely on practice… try my 3 drills to improve your lag putts:

1 – Box lag putting drill

For this drill, you will need to have three clubs all a similar size and you’ll need to place them around the hole creating an incomplete square.

Once you’ve done this, take 6 balls and place them 10 feet away. Attempt to get the balls inside the square, close to the hole (if it goes in, that’s a bonus), and then do the same thing at 20 feet and 30 feet.

This drill will help you get a feel for the power and speed of the greens.

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2 – Long lag putt drill

It’s the super long lag putts that are the trickiest ones—if you master these you will be shooting lower scores before you know it.

This next drill is one that Phil Mickelson uses, especially leading up to playing at Augusta for the Masters—the greens are so fast there, he finds this drill particularly useful.

Take 3-6 balls and put them all inline with one another 40, 50 and then 60 feet away from the hole. Start with striking the three balls at 40 feet and then progress backward to the 50 ft distance mark.

Kudos to you if you manage to sink one from 60 feet!

And finally…

3 – The circle putt drill

Imagine putting all that hard work in around the course and missing the 5-foot putt at the end, frustrating right?!

This drill tackles that problem.

Place 6 balls in a circle around the hole, all equidistant to one another (I recommend 5-foot) and try sinking every ball. If you miss one, you must start again. This drill will help make sure that your amazing long lag putt is not wasted!

Have you found other drills which have improved your lag putting? If so, let me know by getting in touch with us here.

Is there anything that you are struggling with in your game? Let us know and we can make sure that we put something together to improve your game and get you shooting lower scores!

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