October Inspirational Golfer: Matt Kuchar

For a while now I’ve been following Matt Kuchar’s career and he’s come to be one of my favorite professionals.

Sure he’s no Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson or Jordan Spieth but I’ve got a real soft spot for the guy.

To me, Matt Kuchar represents all the best fundamentals of golf. He gives amateur golfers hope and, as golf’s Mr Sunshine, brings a sense of fun and lightheartedness to the often serious (to put it kindly) game.

BUT, that’s not to say he doesn’t take the professional competitions seriously. He’s had some pretty great successes in his time.

Since turning pro in 2000, he’s had nine Top 10 finishes, 7 PGA tour victories, 402 events played and he’s currently ranked number 14 for the Fed-ex cup ranking. He’s one of the best green readers out there and his ability to think his way around the course is often the root of his wins.

But, as you know, Matt Kuchar isn’t always a consistent player and can take his losses pretty badly. Although I don’t condone the kinda language he used on the course at the beginning of his career, I’ve seen him make a real effort to tone it back. And as a father to two sons who adore and look up to him, I can’t blame him for taking his losses personally.

When he doesn’t get the result he wants, not only does he have to come to terms with his own emotions but he also feels the weight of his children’s emotions too. That’s gotta be tough on any man.

How did Matt Kuchar get into golf?

Unlike some of this fellow peers (where golf was woven into the family bloodline), he first tried his hand at the game when his mother, Meg upgraded her membership at the local country club. He was 12 at the time and him and his dad were hooked almost the minute they took arm of an iron.

What does he do in his spare time?

Tennis is his secondary passion, which he enjoys playing with his wife Sybi (who was a notable player herself at Georgia Tech where they met). Matt Kuchar sometimes plays doubles with her, and in October 2009 they even won the consolation title at the USTA National Husband Wife Doubles Championship.

Over and above all of this, the reason I think Matt Kuchar is such an inspiration is that I really believe he’s a great role model. As an amateur, who better to look up to than someone who tries, tries and tries again, despite all the knock backs and disbelief he’s faced. He adds something to every tournament he plays in, he’s a clear team player despite golf being a supposedly individual sport, and you can always rely on him to boost morale, make jokes or give level headed advice.

Thank you Matt for bringing some joy to the game and showing us average-joe golfers that there’s more to it than a perfect scorecard.

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