Who’s doing it for the women? Natalie Gulbis is!

So, many people think that golf is just a game for men, but that’s totally not the case. Recently we’ve seen the game shift, with more and more women and young people getting involved in the beautiful game – and the industry’s seeing the benefits!

This week we’re taking a closer look at one female player that I’m pretty sure you all know…

…Natalie Gulbis.

With a 67.02% driving accuracy, an average driving distance of 241.61 and a scoring average of 73.64 (source: LPGA) we thought we’d take a look and see exactly what makes this woman such a golfing sensation.

Natalie’s been playing golf since the age of four. Her father, John Gulbis has always been the driving force in her career, which may sound a tad cliche but with the likes of Donald Trump and Tiger Woods in her midst we think that’s a pretty flattering statement.

Her professional career kicked off with a win at the LPGA Sectional Qualifying Tournament in Venice, Florida in 2001. Before that, at age 14, Gulbis became the youngest player ever to qualify for an LPGA tournament, a title which she held, unrivalled, for five years.—pretty impressive, ey?

Her long, loose swing style is controversial and her head rotation on the backswing means that the club raises so high it ends up way off the targeting line, but you can’t argue with results!

2016 marked Natalie’s 15th year working with coach Butch Harmon and 12th year working with her devoted caddy, Greg Sheridan. You’ve gotta give her credit for her loyalty.

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Her commitment to her fans and following has also made her arguably one of the most popular female golfers of the decade.

In one interview with LPGA she spoke about how important it is to properly sign every autograph, saying that each one is special to its owner. She also said she makes sure to give each fan the face time that they came for – I don’t know about you but we can’t wait to meet her!

Off the golf course, Natalie has been hard at work making herself into a brand. She’s been featured on The Apprentice (2009), sponsored by Adidas (in her early days) and opened a Boys and Girls Club in Las Vegas, which she says is her greatest professional achievement to date.

Natalie has no doubt helped to progress the game of golf for women and if you’re looking for an example of how to become a golfing brand, success or inspiration, you really don’t need to look any further.

She really is a superstar.

Anybody in particular you’d like us to profile next? Let us know in the comments below!

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