Gettin’ On The Green

I hope you took note from last week’s Friday Fix and used the tips throughout the week. They have helped me massively over the years! So now that you have mastered putting it’s…

Time to move onto chipping!

I always think that chipping is the easiest thing in the world to do, but then I try to do it…

It looks so simple; it’s just a mini swing! So why do my chips either race over the top of the green or just plop 5 yards away? I found that this was always the biggest problem with my game so I worked hard with a coach and my chipping became so much better.

Having used this experience to my benefit, I have a few tips to share with you:

Tip #1: Get those hands moving!

I heard somewhere that when you chip you should use a putting motion…

Whoever said this is wrong.

Putting requires no hand movement and mainly uses shoulders–it’s more of a stiff motion. Chipping requires fluid hands and wrists; hinging your wrists is essential for a good chip shot. This allows the club to get above the grass and hit down with a descending strike.

If you are right-handed you should feel like you’re using your right wrist to hinge the club up your backswing, then release down through the ball. It’s a powerful little motion so only a small movement is needed to get that ball off the grass and onto the green.

Tip #2: Just use one club.

Let’s face it, none of us are really pros. Most of us think we are, but come on, we aren’t even close to their level. When it comes to practicing, you only get one or two opportunities a week, so make the most of them! Don’t try to perfect your chipping with three different clubs. Use one–I’d recommend a sand wedge or a pitching wedge– and with a good technique you can hit a wide range of shots with that single club. It will make life and decision making so much easier!

Tip #3: Get to the Green! (or chopper…)

You may think that I’m being patronizing here, but getting on the green at all costs is essential. I know that it’s everyone’s goal to get as close to the hole as possible, but if you’re trying to go for ‘the miracle chip’ to get you within an inch of the hole, then 9 times out of 10 you will fail. You should always aim for your next shot to be a putt, no matter how big! If you can get this into your mind then you’ll see your score plummet.

Tip #4: Move your chest.

My final tip goes back to your technique. With every shot your chest should be moving… and chipping is no different! In fact, it’s probably more important with chipping, as it keeps your hands and arms flowing through your target line. Completing your swing with chest towards your target will give the ball a better chance of getting closer to where you want it to go. It also helps with giving your shot the right amount of power to get onto the green.

And there they are! The 4 tips to improving your chipping. Combine these with the putting tips from last week and your short game will be as good as Tiger’s and Phil’s.

Think To Win by Alex Davidson
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