You’ve asked and we’ve listened!

Recently I’ve been contacted by a number of you guys regarding your game and how I can help you improve it or bring it back from the dead!

The problems have ranged from issues with drive length to remembering key strategies after a long break from the game.

With these in mind, I felt that this week’s Friday Fix should be an instructional post, so I’m gonna give you some of my top tips for boosting your drive, whilst still keeping it straight and accurate!

As they say, “If you can’t putt, you can’t score. If you can’t drive, you can’t play”. So stick around… you might learn something that’ll work for you.

My main tip for a good drive is to keep that head still. If your head stays still, it gives you more control over the shot. Practice performing your tee off without moving your head – stare at the ball all the way through your swing and beyond.

Don’t worry about where the ball is going. If you keep your head straight and fixed on the ball it will go nowhere near that rough!

These next set of tips require some added strength and flexibility, which can be improved by performing some of the exercises featured in our Wednesday fitness email, courtesy of Michael. There are some great exercises in there to help you produce more power for your swing, which can be achieved by working on your hip rotators and overall flexibility.

If you missed these Tips, check them out here:

But for those who haven’t yet built up their power and flexibility, try to focus on these next three tips when you are at the driving range or setting up that first tee shot:

Tip #1: Loosen up those hips!

A lot of the power in your swing comes from your hips; focus on keeping your hips loose during your swing to ensure a fluid follow through. Have a few practice swings and really focus on loosening up! Buy a hula hoop to help, they are great for hip flexibility.

Tip #2: Keep rotating.

Rotate your shoulders and lower body while keeping your head centered. With your head focused on the ball think about that full body rotation – this is where your power will come from. Rotate all the way through the line of the ball.

Tip #3: Shift your weight around.

To begin with, your weight should be equally distributed between each foot. But as you start to rotate your shoulders and hips you’ll notice more of your weight distribute to your right foot – keep this added weight under the ball of your foot or you’ll become unstable. When the weight shift changes from 40% to 60%, release!

Try and keep these three things in mind whenever you’ve got an iron or a driver in your hand! Before you know it, you’ll find your ball heading straight down the fairway without veering off into the rough.

Once you’ve mastered driving straight, you should then focus on driving further.

Combine the following tips with your accuracy tips (above) to really see a change:

Tip #1 Turn your lead shoulder behind the ball

If you’re a right handed player, this will be your left shoulder. By turning your lead shoulder towards the ball, you’ll load into your right side and shift forward on the downswing. Take your time swinging back and make sure that your shoulders are aligned, flowing smoothly through the swing.

Tip #2 Keep your back facing the target longer during the downswing

During the downswing, try to rotate all the way so that your back faces the green for a longer duration. Keep your follow through shoulder straight as well so that your upper body doesn’t spin out. This allows you to swing hard for the ball, letting your arms release so that you can drive through and make a solid connection.

Tip #3 Keep turning your whole body toward the target

Keep up your momentum while turning your body into the target. Point your chest towards the ball and then turn hard to the left if you’re right handed and hard to the right if you’re left handed. This will bring your whole body into play and add more power to your swing. Also, the club won’t flip and you’ll be able to fix those hooks.

Tip #4 Maintain your arm speed

Keep your arms moving at a constant speed, swinging through the ball and flowing through impact. This creates a good rhythm for each swing you take. Gradually build up your arm speed in order to drive power. DO NOT try to up your arm speed until you’ve mastered all of the other tips above. Your drive will go off in any direction if you do!

By following through with these simple tips, you’ll see an immediate difference in your form.

Of course all of these pointers are useless unless you are fit and ready to kick some ass! Strength, flexibility and power are all KEY to improving your drive.

Get that fitness up and follow all of these tips and you’ll be driving like Rory in no time!