Craig Bocking: Increase Your Power Using the Ground

For increased clubhead speed and power you gotta make sure that you feel a connection to the ground throughout your swing!

There are many different prescribed methods of increasing your ball speed, but this is a little known technique that’s popular among many pro golfers.


Here are some key approaches from UGA pro coach Craig Bocking, that he believes all great ball strikers have in common:

Start with pressure 55% on lead side and 45% on trail side.

Apply pressure with your feet into the ground as you take the club back and continue to exert that pressure or force to the top.

Feel a squatting motion as you start down with increased pressure/force into the ground.

Great ball strikers get 70-80% of pressure to the lead side by this point.


The most important takeaway for Craig is that you sequence your golf swing from the ground up to increase and make the most of your clubhead speed/power! Try this out the next time you’re practicing and let us know if it helps you.


Craig Bocking is the founder of Bocking Golf Academy based out of Burningtree CC in Decatur AL with a culmination of 15 years of research and study improving golf performance. Wanna learn more from Craig or improve your performance with dedicated coaching sessions? Get in touch.

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